World Chess Championship – Carlsen Wins


Puzzle of the week:

White to move and win.

The score was tied with 7 draws after the last online update at

Game 8 was won by Karjakin as Black, after Carlsen overextended in a Rubinstein variation of the Queen’s Gambit Declined.


Position after White 29.Na7; Black responded with 29…Qa3 and won with the a pawn, after defending with Karjakin’s signature defensive technique.

After another draw in Round 9, Carlsen won with Black in round 10 with a characteristic endgame grind in from a near equal position.


After 37.e5+, Carlsen ground out a characteristic win in 75 moves.

After 2 more draws (for game 12, the players might as well have turned in a tic-tac-toe score) the slow games were tied at 6-6, when the result was to be decided by 4 games of rapid-play.

The first 2 rapid games were draws, followed by 2 wins by Carlsen, who keeps his title of world champion.

For most spectators, the last move of the match is probably the most interesting – in fact, it is be the puzzle of the week at the beginning of the page if you haven’t seen it yet:

All the games can be seen at

Solution to puzzle: 1.Qh6+! If 1…gh, there is a horizontal mate by one rook with 2.Rxf7#;

If 1…Kxh6, there is a vertical mate by the other rook with 2.Rh8#


Final position of the World Championship Match, Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2016

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